GSuite for Business

Get a Custom
Gmail Address

Your own custom email address
with all the benefits of Gmail Works perfectly
as part of your account Features
video calling, 30GB cloud storage, calendars & more

Why Choose Gmail for Business Email?

Do you love Gmail – but hate having an email address like [email protected]?
Using Gmail for business email doesn’t need to be this way. Sign up for GSuite and get all the benefits of Gmail plus a professional-looking email address based on your domain name.

✓ Impress your customers with a custom Gmail address

✓ Strengthen your brand image

✓ Keep all the benefits of Gmail you know and love

Explore the Full Benefits of GSuite

When you sign up to GSuite with Black Pingo, Gmail is just the start. We’ll provide you with the leading cloud-based productivity suite from Google.

✓ Get Gmail, Google Drive, calendar and Docs

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